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Just because we are distancing from each other doesn't mean the action is slowing down. 17-year-old climate activist, Greta Thunberg, has taken her weekly climate strike, Fridays for Future, online joined by other youth all over the world. Because people are no longer commuting or traveling, and factories and production have shut down, there has been a decrease of pollution, and some of the world's most smoggy cities are starting to clear up. But scientists say that they changes most likely won't be permanent, and we still need to take measures to stop climate change.

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Weekly Challenge

This weekend, some of the Climate Team members went on a garbage cleanup.
We want you to be part of the challenge!

The rules are simple; you have to go outside and pick up trash! While you are doing that, count how many pieces of trash you pick up. Remember to wear gardening gloves to stay safe and keep a distance from other people. Send your results to us at:

Your Stories

Here is where you can share projects that you have been working on to help our earth, or crafts that you have made inspired by our videos. We would love for you to send us pictures, or something else about what you have been doing!

Charity Spotlight!

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Crafts For The Climate

Our new Crafts For the Climate episode is out! And, it's in better video quality, too. We are still working on getting it to the best quality that it can be, but so far, here it is! If you haven't watched the first one, it's here too!
Crafts For The Climate Ep. 2
Crafts For The Climate 1

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