In The Garden of the beasts

By Erik Larson


In the garden of the beasts is a book by Erik Larson it is a good book because it shows how insane the Nazis are even around us diplomats. The Nazis beet up us citizens visiting Germany who did not properly respect the Nazi regime by offering salutes to parades and other related activity.

It also shows how normal even high level Nazi officials were just trying to earn ends meet and protect there family's. The us ambassadors child was having a affairs with lots of Nazi leaders demonstrating how charming the Nazi most certainly were normal men and women brain washed in to taking the abuse of Jews.

Real Life Facts I learned

1. Nazis routinely beat Americans for simple things.

2.Jews did not leave Germany because they did not believe it would escalate.

3.Nazis did not restrain there violence at all.

More stuff

3.5/5 stars

In the Garden of the beasts is a non fiction book.