Career Project by Augustine K Mani

Financial Analyst

My Personality

My personality is blue which means I am idealistic,sincere,and imaginative. I like my personality because i like idealistic people. I am also enterprising, which means I am persuading and leading people. I like to make decisions and I like to take risks for profits
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My Career Choice

I want to became Financial Analyst. I like to became a financial analyst because I like economics,business and things are connected to that.I like to handle money and business
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To be a financial analyst I need a bachelors or masters degree. I need to choose subject like economics,accounting,business administration. I select UNT Dallas to take bachelors and masters because it has s a good college and it is one of the best


I have a sufficient amount of money because my annual salary is $78,620 per year. My annual expense is $45,507. My monthly expense is $3,947. I want to spend $1,127 for my housing. I want to spend $452 for my utility. I only need $300 for my food. My transportation cost $733 dollors per month and it is little expensive for me. Rest of my expenses such as clothing,health care etc.. Cost around $870. I can save $277 dollors per month and $33,113 per year
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