Henry Bibb

A slave narrative by Sam Barr

Here we see a picture a Henry bibb. Born May 10th, 1815. In Shelby county Kentucky to a state senator named James Bibb and Mildred Jackson who was a slave on a plantation owned by Willard Gatewood.
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As a child Henry had to watch as his family was separated. All six of his brothers and sisters sold to different slave holders. He himself was hired out to different save holders over time. He wasn't allowed to see his mother very often and is quoted saying "A slave may be bought and sold in the market like an ox. He is liable to be sold off to a distant land from his family."
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Henry attempted many escapes in his years as a slaves and was finally successful in !837. He then later went back for his family and was captured then resold to a plantation owner. After attempting to escape from him Henry was then sold to native Americans. He managed to make a successful escape from them.
Henry later went on to write a narrative about his experience. In it he describes how hard it was to leave his family he said "One of the most self-denying acts of my whole life was to take leave of my affectionate wife, who stood before me on my departure, with dear little Frances in her arms, and with tears of sorrow in her eyes as she bid me a long farewell. It required all the moral courage that I was master of to suppress my feelings while taking leave of my little family".

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