Holstein vs Jersey

By: Bhavil Patel


From the Netherlands

Came to North America in 1852

Highest milk production most persistent

Distinct black and white markings

Poorest grazer

They produce the largest amount of milk.

Produces 2219 gallons of milk


From the island of Jersey in English Channel

Went to North America in 1850

Smallest of breeds

Mousy grey to dark fawn

Popular in Texas.

Highest fat and protein contents

Lower production of milk than the other breeds

1557 gallons of milk.

I would choose...

If I had to choose between the jersey and the Holstein, I would choose the Holstein because it can produce more milk than the jersey and it is very well known. It also has a normal production life of six years, even though it is the poorest grazer. The color is what makes it very popular because everyone thinks of a black and white when they think of a cow. Also, the Holstein is the spokes animal of Chic-fil-a