EMS Counselor's Corner

December 2015

Holiday Spirit

Looking for ways to help the community during the holiday season? Check out some of these ideas below!

  • Students will be encouraged to participate in our Random Acts of Holiday Kindness. Each classroom/teacher will have a calendar with daily challenges of kindness
  • The proceeds from student council's Pie in the Face will benefit the Humane Society this year. Feel free to donate to the cause
  • Jacob's Ladder selects a school district to nominate a family that is in need. This year we are sponsoring a family from Preble Shawnee. Check in for the list of items still needed
  • Volunteer at the school book fair. The hours available are 7:30am-2pm (Mon-Fri) AND during our Family Event Nights on Tuesday, Dec. 8th from 4-8pm and Thursday, Dec. 10th from 4-8pm
  • Donate food items to a food bank
  • Make cupcakes for a women’s shelter
  • Pick 5 friends on Facebook and post something nice about them on their wall
  • Donate blood
  • Buy a stranger their morning coffee
  • Help shovel snow for an elderly neighbor OR if there’s no snow, offer to buy groceries for them so they don’t have to go out into the cold
  • Drop off muffins or cupcakes to a fire station
  • Promote a charitable organization on your Twitter account
  • Donate your old winter clothes to charity
  • Surprise a friend with dinner at their door
  • Compliment three people today
  • Bake some cookies and share with your co-workers
  • Contact an animal shelter and find out how you can help
  • Donate toys and stuffed animals to a hospital for kids
Holiday kindness
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Up-Coming Events

Book Fair:
Held online and in the middle school library on December 4-11th.

Geography Bee:
Held in the middle school auditorium on December 10th at 9:00am. The 10 finalists will participate in the bee.

Spelling Bee:
Held in the middle school auditorium on December 18th at 8:30am.

Midway Celebration:
Held in the middle school auditorium on December 18th to celebrate the successes of the first half of the year.

Winter MAP Testing

Students will be taking the second round of MAP testing starting in December. These tests (Math, Reading, Language Usage and Science) will be used as a tool to measure student growth and help guide instruction in the classroom. It is important that students try their best with these tests. However, while the results of these tests will tell us some things, remember they do not tell us everything. These tests do not measure what makes our students special and unique, and it's important to remember that. Best of luck!

Career Volunteers

We will begin a career initiative this year to get students thinking about their future and connecting their current school with their future job.

In the Spring, we may have a Career Fair as one of our activities. If you would be interested in coming and speaking to students about your career, please feel free to email me at hwaugh@eaton.k12.oh.us. More information to come as we get closer to the date and I have an idea of how many volunteers may be interested!

How to See the Counselor?

A student can be referred to the counselor by:

  • The student
  • A parent
  • A teacher

To be referred:

  • A parent can call or email counselor
  • A student can complete a student referral form found at the counselor's office or teacher's room
  • A teacher can call or email counselor

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