From Coco Beans to Chocolate

By Grace Vanheuverswyn


At the form cocoa seeds come of of cocoa trees then they cut the seeds off then split it open then get all the seeds from the in sids and put it in bags then bring it to the factory. also read on to lorn about the factory.


At the factory seeds torn into chocolate it starts as seeds they are split opened and gathered and gets pulped also the light color seeds torn rich brown then it is geting tested then it gets cleaned and blended to get the right flavor . It gets cooked tow about 30 minets then the chocolate is processed and is raped in rapers .Did you ever now how chocolate gets to the stores.


Ok so tucks carry chocolate to the store and then they put it on shelfs and then they use chocolate to have it for desert

Fun Facts

Ok so time to listen to some stuff i have to tell you ok so lets get started well ok so did you now that chocolate was made a long time ago and most people think that chocolate is really good.


Ok now that you now alot about chocolate so now you can bey it at the store and enjoy.
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