Created by : Tyler Spencer and Ayden Colbert

Physical Features-By:Ayden

One physical feature of Malaysia is that it has two moons. It happens occasionally.The other physical features are like mountains and deserts. But the most attracted one is the two moons like we said.


Malaysian holidays are quite different from U.S. holidays.In Feburary they celebrate chinese new year. We celebrate that in January. In May they celebrate Wesak day

Government- By:Ayden

The type of government we have is limited. They have freedom to. Well, it's like the U.S. They also have the political government.

Climate- By:Ayden

Their is a tropical rain forest it is hot and humid. The average rain is 250 cm in year. The temperature 27 degrees celsius(80.6F).


One of their main food is Apam Balik. They eat it on holidays and for dinner.They also put it on their ancestors altar.