WAR OF 1812



I will be explaining the sequence and events of the war of 1812. ENJOY!

18 hundreds

In the 18 hundreds the British soldiers were in Canada. The U.S. believed that the British soldiers were supplying the Indians with weapons.


In 1809 a man named James Madison was elected president. A group called War hawks tried to persuade him to go to war with Great Britain Madison refused but in the end the War hawks got him to agree to war.


In 1812 the U.S. tried to invade Canada and failed. War had begun.


In 1814 the British attacked Washington D.C. In this year the star spangled banner was created.


In 1815 New Orleans was attacked by Britain. A man named Andrew Jackson defended Louisiana.

1815 #2

In 1815 war ended and more nationalism and patriotism was shown through out America.
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