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News from Mrs. Dutt

Greetings from Mrs. Dutt, Principal at North Warren Regional

Dear parents and guardians of NWR,

As the last days of summer come to an end and we get ready to welcome our students back to school, I want to take a brief moment to introduce myself to the community and to give you a few opening details for the school year.

Prior to being named Principal at North Warren Regional Middle School and High School, I spent six years as a middle school principal in Lopatcong Township. In addition to this experience as a building principal, I served as a Director of Curriculum for Grades 6-12 for three years in the Phillipsburg School District. My teaching experience was also within the Phillipsburg School District where I spent eleven years teaching all levels of Spanish at Phillipsburg High School as well as starting a World Language Program at Phillipsburg Alternative Secondary School. During my years as a teacher I also coached Cross Country, Basketball and Track and served as a Class Advisor. All of these educational experiences have been extremely rewarding; especially the last six years as a middle school principal. However, as rewarding as that was for me I truly missed the hustle and bustle of the high school environment. It is without a doubt that working with students and families at NWR is the perfect fit for me and I am beyond excited to be a part of this community. Together we are going to work to provide the best educational environment for all students of North Warren. I look forward to working with and partnering with the community to provide an excellent academic and social-emotional program for the students as well as to make our school a place where staff, students and parents are proud to call North Warren their home.

Below on this newsletter you will see important announcements, links and information about the opening of school. Do not hesitate to contact the school with any questions you may have.


Mrs. Jeanene Dutt

Important Forms and Information

Over the next few days you should receive your Welcome Back Packets in the mail. The forms in which you will receive in this packet must be completed and returned to the school at your earliest convenience. You should receive the following forms as part of your packet;

  • Bus information
  • Student schedules
  • New medical and emergency contact forms
  • Free and Reduced Lunch
  • Grade 7 will receive Parent Portal information
  • Grades 7, 9 and 11 receive Scoliosis screening forms
  • Picture forms
  • Student drop-off procedure information
  • Grade 12 will receive "Senior Activities" information

Please refer to the district webpage for additional forms that you may need throughout the school year. These can be found on the district webpage under Parents and Students.

New Drop-off Procedures

In order to best protect our students and speed up the drop-off process in the mornings, the School Safety Committee has designed and instituted new drop-off procedures. These protocols have been put in place to better ensure the safety of all students who attend NWR. A detailed letter about the process will be mailed as part of the Welcome Back Packet. Key points to focus on are the following;

  • All students being dropped off in the morning must adhere to these protocols
  • Students must exit from the right side of the car
  • There are no other available points of drop-off on the property

Please review the YouTube video that can be found on the district home page entitled Student Drop-Off Route or click on the aforementioned link.

Please note that these procedures are strictly for morning drop-off and after school pick-up will remain the same. Also, student drivers must enter the school property from Route 94. If they enter from Noe road they will be part of the drop-off line and will have to exit and return via the correct route.

NWR Bell Schedules

As many of you may know already, a new bell schedule will be instituted this year. The new schedule is called a Rotating Drop schedule. A detailed explanation of the bell schedules for the year can be found at by clicking the link below.

Important Dates

Please note these important dates for the opening of school this year;

  • Visitation Day (for lockers) will be held on Monday, August 28 and Tuesday, August 29. No students will be allowed to visit the school on August 30 or August 31 due to Teacher In-Service
  • First student day is Tuesday, September 5
  • Student photos will be taken on Wednesday, September 6
  • Back to School Night will be held on Tuesday, September 19 at 6:00 for both middle and high school students
  • Early dismissal for students on Friday, September 22

School Upgrades!