Phillis Wheatly: A Hero Within


Phillis Wheatly overcame challenges.

  • Phillis Wheatly overcame many challenges that were thrown into her life. Wheatly was taken from Gambia, Africa by a slave boat and taken to a slave market in Boston.
  • She later overcame slavery because of her impressive popularity throughout New England and England for her poems.
  • She overcame slavery because of her hard work and dedication

Phillis Wheatly had faith.

  • She had faith to pursue her dream to get published; by having this faith she had an impact on people with her poems.
  • She had faith to know that people would recognize her talents over all of the unfair in equality.
  • This makes her a hero within because her faith serves as a role model for other people to believe and have confidence in there work

Phillis Wheatly had perseverance.

  • She persevered through racial in-equality and slavery
  • She persevered through the American Revolution when barley anyone could afford books
  • This makes her a hero within because by persevering through the process of getting published, she inspired many people with her poems