AT Update

October 14, 2016

Grade 3 Math

Over the last 2 weeks we learned....

-to use estimation and multiply with 10's to solve real world problems.

-how to multiply using the place value sections method.

-how to multiply using the expanded notation method.

-how to multiply using the algebraic notation method.

-the similarities and differences of all the methods of multiplication.

-how to multiply with partial products and the shortcut method.

-how to work with a partner to solve a variety of problems on task cards.

-to complete one digit by 3 digit multiplication.

Please note: While students are expected to be able to identify and understand the different methods of multiplication, they are able to choose the method that works best for them when solving problems. There are samples of the methods on our Schoology page in case you are interested in seeing them in action.

Grade 4 Math

Over the last 2 weeks, we....

-solved real world problems.

-completed and took an assessment on Chapter 2.

-worked as a team to solve a "Breakout EDU" challenge with Ms. O'Boyle.

-began our multiplication and division of fractions unit, learning about the inverse relationship between multiplication and division.

-multiplied a unit fraction by a whole number.

-multiplied non unit fractions by whole numbers.

Reading- grades 3 and 4

We have been working hard during these last 2 weeks on our book club, Tuck Everlasting. As students read, they are responsible for answering questions that they then share with their classmates during their book club discussions.

The questions we ask and answer specifically focus on inferencing, sequence of events, determining setting, and character development. It is helpful for students to see that a character can change multiple times throughout a novel.

We will be finishing up our book club next week and will move back to the regular reading textbook and will resume vocabulary tests, etc.

We also had a fun contest for our door decoration--students sketched out their designs and ideas and we voted for the door decoration. We worked as a team on different parts of the door to create the design you see in the pictures below!

Congratulations to Kennedy for the winning design!