Slow Juicer VS Traditional Juicer: Which one is better?

Who doesn’t love a glass of fresh juice, it is healthy to take juice with the breakfast, it goes well with almost every social drinks and is much nutritious than fizz drinks that are readily available in the market. But making juices with a traditional juicer is not options as old juicer are not designed to extract nutrition out of the foodstuff, they rather follow the mix and crunch. Traditional juicer also inherit many design issues, they are quite loud, wasteful, messy and destroy all the protein, vitamins and mineral present in foodstuffs , which is why you should go for its alternative product that is known as a slow juicer. Unlike the centrifugal method followed by traditional juicers, slow pressure juicers use advanced blending method, which helps fruits along with its pulps to be finely diced. Slow pressure juicer helps in better blending and retains the vital nutrients of the produce. Here is why slow pressure juicer is better.

Safe and Quiet

As the traditional juicer’s blade moves really fast while mixing and crunching the skin of the fruits, it causes a loud whirring noise from the motor. But slow pressure juicers use a crushing mechanism which is slow, accurate and creates less noise. You won’t ever cut yourself while washing a slow pressure juicer as it doesn’t have sharp blades.

Flexibility of Blending

Mixing up to get juice from fruit and veggies with traditional blender is a great idea. But what if you want to extract juice from non fruit items like wheat grass or seed oil? Traditional blenders won’t be able to take out juice from these items. But with a slow juicer, you will have the advantage of adding non-fruit items to your beverage.

Wasteful and Messy

Traditional juicer’s blades are designed to move faster, which causes the skin and pulp of the fruits to be scattered around the chamber of the juicer, which is quite difficult to cleanup. But with systematic slow blending mechanism of slow pressure juicers, mess and waste can be controlled and it allows for better waste disposal.

Better in Retaining the Nutritional Values of the Fruits

It is actually true that everybody loves a glass of juice as it tastes delicious, but nutritional value is something we should also consider. Every plant produces and stores nutrients, minerals, vitamins and enzymes from natural resources, which we need to live a healthy life. So juice should be in our regular diet.

As old juicer produces more heat while running, it dentures the enzymes and proteins present in fruits and veggies. A whirling blade operating at a high turning round per minute causes the making of heat and thus conventional juicers can result in a juice that is less nutritious than if you manually squeeze the fruit or use a slow pressure juicer.

By comparison, a Slow Juicer is much better and produces less heat meaning juice produced is actually healthier and nutritive.