Digital Citizenship Week

October 16-22

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Digital Citizenship

Next week is Digital Citizenship Week. Although this topic should be taught 24/7, we can use next week to stress the importance of digital citizenship to our students with some engaging lessons that I am sure parents will appreciate.

If you do a Google search for digital citizenship resources, you will come up with some great resources! Below are some great ideas to share with your students!

The number 1 resource to me is Common Sense Media! If you have never explored the Common Sense Media website, stop right now and check them out! CSM offers a free, K-12 Digital Citizenship curriculum. The lessons are 45 minutes each and provide teachers with a guide for how to discuss the topics in the classroom. The curriculum is constantly evolving to include resources in multiple languages and meet the various standards.

The lessons focus on 8 topics:

~ Internet Safety
~ Privacy & Security
~ Relationships & Communication
~ Cyberbullying & Digital Drama
~ Digital Footprint & Reputation
~ Self-Image & Identity
~ Information Literacy
~ Creative Credit & Copyright

Digital Citizenship Games

‘Sit With Us’ App aims to help reduce bullying.

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Bookmarks for Your Students!

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Doodle 4 Google Contest

*Make your Doodle 4 Google about Digital Citizenship*

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(Open now until Dec. 2, 2016)

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Carol Foster, Instructional Technology Specialist

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