Maybeury Library

Building Great Relationships

Once a Mallard ~ Always a Mallard

We currently have four teachers at Maybeury who also attended the school as children. It's heart-warming to know that they have such fond memories of the school that they chose this community for their professional life. As for the library, that has changed drastically since all of these teachers were Maybeury students. The current librarian started her career at Maybeury in 2001 in a newly constructed library. According to Anne Overman, the school's resource teacher (and former Mallard), she described the library as "a brighter, happier looking place now. It also allowed for more room to increase the breadth and depth of what you can have available to support students. The library is way more than just a collection of books now. In the "old days" the library was more of a stand-alone part of the school. Now a days, you are an integral part of what goes on in the classroom."

Relationships Matter!

It's important that our students enjoy coming back to the library - whether they are current students or all "grown up." Maybe they don't remember a specific fact or a skill, but it means that we've built a relationship that with lasting memories. Our hope is that the relationships we build with children will carry over into a lifetime of readers and learners.