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Our team at Eternal Rest Funeral Home is dedicated to providing you and your family the best service possible to create a special memory to honor the life of a loved one. There are many things to consider while trying to deal with the loss, so let Eternal Rest take some of the weight off your shoulders. Eternal Rest Funeral Home offers traditional, elegant and unique ceremonies.

Planning a funeral whether for yourself or for a loved one is something that should be taken seriously and professionally. At Eternal Rest Funeral Home, we lay out all the options most suitable to your needs; whether cultural, family, individual or economic.

Cultural Factors and Challenges When Planning a Funeral

If your culture has certain traditions regarding the loss of a loved one, the staff at Eternal Rest will be more than happy to meet any needs that you have. We offer a variety of services, from cremation to burial to embalming: whichever decision is right for you is right for us. "Cultural traditions often require specific ritual chanting, singing of particular songs, praying, music, readings, burning incense or lighting candles." (Kate, 2013) We will customize the service however you would like and provide incense, candles, speakers, a wide choice of music, and a list of commonly recited prayers.


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Individual Factors and Challenges When Planning a Funeral

If you are pre-planning a ceremony for yourself, we have provided some questions that you will have to answer in order for us to better help you.

*If you would like to be buried, where would you want to be buried at and next to who?

*Would you like an open-casket funeral or closed-casket?

*If you would like an open-casket funeral, is there a special outfit you would like to wear?

*Would you like a public or private visitation?

*What songs, poems or prayers would you like recited at your funeral?

*What would you like your eulogy to say about you?

*What information would you want in your obituary?

By planning ahead for your own funeral, you will ease the burden of your loved ones while they are having to go through their own grieving process and give them peace of mind knowing that they are giving you the ceremony that you want.

Family Factors and Challenges

Losing a loved one can be devastating on a family. A ceremony honoring the life of the loved one lost helps the family who is grieving and mourning to heal. "Individuals gain strength from the ritual affirmations of the community, and they are then better able to continue their lives." (Leming and Dickinson, 2011, p.329). A major challenge that many families face when planning a funeral for their loved one is the financial aspect of the funeral. Often times families are left to cover the costs of the funeral (which can be costly), and financial stress a cause disharmony in families, taking away from the real focus on hand: the loss of your loved one. Emotions are high when a family loses a loved one and can sometimes cause feuds to start. There are many decisions that have to be made (and typically one person appointed to make them) and so this has the potential to cause feuds; everyone must agree on what is best for their loved one. Also, how to disperse of the deceased's belongings or money can also be a major antagonist for a feud.


for tips on how to avoid arguments between the family during the loss of a loved one.


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Economic Factors and Challenges

A traditional funeral costs $7,045 (NFDA 2012), an amount which does not take into account cemetery costs, meaning the full cost of a burial is more likely to reach nearer to $10,000 in many cases. (US FUNERALS ONLINE DESIGN TEAM, 2014) Prepaying for a funeral is a good choice because it doesn't leave the burden behind on the family, though this is not always a possibility. When determining the actual cost of the funeral service, there are a lot of factors to be considered. Flower arrangements, the music selection, memorial cards, press releases, the number of viewings that you would like to have, and the transport of the deceased are all factors to consider in the price (but not limited to).


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