Kevin Ware's injury

by Austin Sanford


On Sunday night during the NCAA mens College Basketball tournament, Kevin Ware broke his leg. He was jumping up to try and block a shot and he landed on his right leg causing his tibia to break. It was an open componed fracture. Kevin was immediately rushed to the hospital were the doctors preformed surgery. He has now returned to be with his team in Atlanta, but his basketball career is put to a stop for a while.

5 Themes

I think this relates to HEI because, athletes are now gonna be more careful on how they jump and how land. If you land wrong on a jump you could cost your self a very bad injury

My Opinion

Kevin said that he will be back for the start of his sophomore year. I think that it won't be until his Junior year because of all his recovery time. But i believe he will come back at some point.
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