Child Soldiers


Why is child soldier an issue?

Children in Africa and Afghanistan are used as weapons in combats against other countries a Human Right that is being violated is in article 3 where it states "Everyone has the right to life,liberty and security of person".Another one that is being violated is "No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment".This topic is important because they put kids life in danger and taking their freedom and education away.There is an estimated of 250,000 child soldiers in the world today. Many rebel groups use child soldiers to fight the government. 40% of the soldiers are girls they are used to fight and sometimes for sexual purpose.The ones being affected are the kids because some are taken by force and some are volunteer because they have no other option they are being affected because their education is being taken away and they get their childhood taken away.

What is being done to help these children?

Organizations like International rescue, Invisible Children and help child soldier.These are some organizations that help kids in Africa and Afghanistan and other countries that need help.These websites describe what is a child soldier and how they are at risk.These websites help donate money for them in Africa,Afghanistan etc.Some websites set up marches to spread the word about child soldier.

International Rescue Committee

International Rescue Committee helps race money to give the kids in countries a opportunity of a education.

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