Miami Heat!!!!

They are good at playing By. Kaity Cabrejos Marinez

Miami players and their passions

On the Miami heat there are 15 players on the team. There are two shooting guards. They are Dwyane Wade and Tyler Johnson. The center players are Hassan Whiteside, Chris Anderson, and Udois Harlem. Gordan Dragic, Shabazz Napier, Luol Deng, and Mario Chamers are all point guards. The power guards are Michael Beasley and Josh McRoberts. Zoran Dragic, Henry Walker, and James Ennis are all small forward. All of these guys are on the Miami Heat and their position.

Interesting Facts about Miami Heat!!!

Miami Heat is very good at playing basketball. Their coach is Erik Spoelstra. I think the best player is Chris Bosh . Did you know that Miami won over 100 games? Miami won their first championship to the Dallas Mavericks.
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I found my information at World Book student. Also I went to google to find the players on the team.