Close Reading Fieldtrip

See 4 of the 6 videos. Take notes, reflect, try one!

Room 1: Thinking Notes (for those New to Close Reading)

Structure independent reading with metacognitive markers.

Room 2: Keep It or Junk It

Students work in groups learning how to identify key concepts in text through reading and re-reading.

Room 3: Analyzing Texts with Storyboards

Analyze a text's meaning by taking on a perspective

Room 4: Sketch to Stretch

By sketching their "confusion," students are naturally invited to reread the text closely. Caveat: You don't have to like this strategy for this one to work! ;)

Room 5: Literary Analysis through Interactive Stations

Analyze how a central idea develops over the course of a text through quote analysis and tableau.

Room 6: Discussion Roundtable (Geared towards Math Teachers)

A discussion roundtable is when each group member has a role in a discussion. It shows what a discussion would look like.