Madame Curie

The great physisist

Growing Up to Be a Scientist

Madame Curie was educated by her parents. Back then only women could go to school. She had other siblings. Three of her siblings are girls and they couldn't go to school but she also had a brother and he could go to school. When she was ten Poland was controlled by Russia. Then her sister Zophia died because of thyphus. Then Then she moved to Paris where women could go to school and they accepted her at the school Sorbonne.

Her Early Life

Madame Curie was born in November 7, 1867. When Madame Curie was a little girl she couldn't go to school but her parents were teachers so they taught her and her sisters. Her brother went to school because he was a boy. Only boys could go to school. That happened when Russia took over Poland, Warsaw.

Discoveries/ Rewards

Madame Curie looked more into radioactivity and then found pitchblende. She also found Polonium and Barium. She also discovered that Polonium and Barium are more radioactive than uranium. She also discovered a "cure" for cancer that helps people with cancer.

Last Years of Her Life

Madame Curie's husband died in Paris because a carriage ran over him on a rainy day. After her husband died Albert Einstein and Madame Curie became really good friends. She took place of her husbands job. She became the physics teacher at a physics school and was the first women to hold that position. Sadly she died in July 4, 1934 because of overexposure to radiation and leukemia.

Very famous quote

" Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas" - Madame Curie