Learning Walk News

Solana Highlands, January 13, 2016

Language Arts Observations & Celebrations

  • Powerful word work charts
  • Daily 5
  • Anchor charts and instructional posters for reading comprehension
  • Anchor charts for Lucy Calkins writing
  • Extensive libraries with leveled readers
  • Writing Celebration walls and student portfolios
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Math Observations & Celebrations

  • Small group instruction and participation
  • Manipulatives (cubes, Versa Tiles, rulers, miniature objects for sorting)
  • Technology (Zearn, Dream Box, Number Pieces, Educreations)
  • Garden array to represent Distributive Property
  • Differentiation (tiered assignments, questioning techniques)
  • Problem Solving (conceptual learning and reasoning)
  • Math Vocabulary (charts, math journals)
  • Peer collaboration
  • Fluency practice (counting graphs, blocks)
  • Questioning strategies (reminding students to "back it up like a truck, eeh, eeh...")

Discovery Labs Observations and Celebrations

  • Active engagement with singing and drama
  • Weather exploration in STREAM
  • Art evident throughout the school
  • Engineering weather hazards project based learning
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Thank You!

Thank you for opening your school to us. It was wonderful to experience such a high level of commitment and dedication to student learning evident in every classroom.

Cheers to Solana Highlands!

Thanks again from Solana Santa Fe,

Becky Gauthier, Ruth Foley, and Allison Lazerus