Mount Meru Eruption

Predict & Prepare & Protect Yourself against an Eruption

Government warns citizens that a volcanic eruption on Mount. Meru is likely to occur in the next three years

The Tanzanian Government has announced that a volcanic eruption on Mt. Meru is likely to occur after a group of volcanologists from Iceland who used a thermal imaging satellite to conclude whether there is a possibility that Tanzania's second tallest mountain may erupt. The result was surprising and the percentage of a volcano erupting in the next three years is around 40% and leaving it unnoticed is risk not worth taking as if it erupted without warning or preparation and proper knowledge millions of lives would be lost.
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How to Predict a Volcanic Eruption

Unfortunately volcanic eruptions cannot be prevented but there are ways to predict when a volcano will erupt because when a volcano becomes active it gives off warning signs. These are the rising of temperature around the volcano, hundreds of small earthquakes and that are cause as magma rises through cracks in the earth's tectonic plates and the release of gases at the volcano gets closer to eruption. Volcanoligists can detect these warning signs using a Seismometer to detect earthquakes, thermal imaging to detect an increase in temperature around the volcano and gas samples may be taken and used to measure sulfur levels. All of these are need to predict an eruption on Mount. Meru and if an eruption is predicted early enough the number of lives lost will be significantly lower as people will have time to evacuate the exclusion zone around the volcano.

How to Prepare for a Volcanic Eruption

You can prepare for an eruption by completing the following tasks:

Create an Exclusion Zone:

An Exclusion Zone is an area around the volcano that is rendered unsafe and should be immediately evacuated in the case of an eruption on Mount. Meru.

Create and Evacuation Route:

Mapping a reliable evacuation route could be the difference between life and death, choose the safest and quickest route possible, avoid moving closer to the mountain to exit the exclusion zone and make sure to choose a reliable road and have a back up route in case the first one fails when mapping a evacuation route.

Have an emergency supply of basic provisions:

  • Filled Portable Water Storage
  • Water Purification Kit
  • First Aid Kit
  • Survival Knife
  • Duct Tape
  • Large Trekking Backpack
  • Enough Freeze Dried Meals for a Month
  • Matches
  • Extra Medications for people with chronic illnesses
  • Salivate Cell Phone
  • Map of the Area
  • Emergency Blanket
  • Solar Charger
  • Radio
  • Copies of Personal Documents
  • A sturdy tent
  • Walking Shoes
  • Gas Mask

Make sure there is an emergency communication system in place:

Being able to communicate with and request aid will save millions of lives.

Hopefully after taking all of the above into account your live will be in far less danger if Mount. Meru erupts and won`t have to struggle to find supplies.

How to Protect People from Volcanic Eruptions

There isn't much that you can do during the actual eruption if you are still in the exclusion zone as it is likely you will be affected by the volcano in minutes but if you do find yourself in this situation you should attempt to get out of the exclusion zone as fast as possible. You should aim for high ground if leaving the exclusion zone is an option, you should avoid breathing in the poisonous gases and ash emitted by the volcano the best way of doing this is by wearing a respirator mask, you should protect yourself from pyroclastics (rocks and debris released from the explosion that are often red-hot) by hiding behind hills or buildings and face away from the volcano. As the pyroclastics begin to stop get inside unless already inside and seek immediate medical attention when safe and when the eruption dies down and the ash settles try to evacuate yourself from the exclusion zone.
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Predict & Prepare and Protect Yourself