All About Me

by: Adrienne Brookins

I am musical.

I love to play the violin and sing in choir. I have been playing the violin since third grade. Every year since, I joined the school orchestra and participated in concerts and events. I also have been in the school choir since fourth grade. I enjoy playing music and being in a group who has the same interests. Music is a fun part of my life.

I love to draw.

I love to draw in my free time. I enjoy drawing people and characters that I make up as I draw. The characters I draw are anime style, which is a style of cartoon popular from Asia. Also, I enjoy drawing simple doodles and cool designs. Drawing is really fun for me because I like to create my own works of art.

I like to create and decorate.

I love to craft and create my own things. I love to make bracelets out of string and even out of colorful duct tape! I like to use colorful fabric to make my own bows for my hair. I made bows and bookmarks out of colorful duct tape, too. Also, I love to decorate things and make them more colorful. Crafting my own things and decorating is fun and is a way for me to be creative!

I love animals.