Mrs. Grimes' Fourth Grade

September 22-25

Dates to Remember:

Tuesday, Sept 22- Interims go home

Tuesday, Sept 23- Fall Open House

Friday, Sept 26- Parent Conferences, No School for Students

Friday, Oct. 10- Fall Festival

Curriculum this week:

Math- This week, all math groups will be focusing on adding and subtracting across multidigit numbers. All students will continue to have the same math homework which is a review from past weeks.

(CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.4.NBT.B.4 Fluently add and subtract multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm.)

Reading- All students now have a mClass reading level. Students will need to make sure they are reading a book that is on or above their reading level depending on the purpose of their reading. In class, we will continue the Daily 5 stations of Read to Self, Read to Someone, and Write about Reading. This week we will introduce Listen to Reading and Word Work.

Writing- In Writing we will continue to focus on sentence structure, capital letters, and punctuation. As for content, students will be working on realistic fiction stories with a focus on creating strong characters. In class we will discuss that all main character should have a dream and a struggle.

Science- We will continue working with animal adaptations this week. Students will work independently on an animal interactive learning activity. This week we will be integrating our science into our Reading block.

Social Studies- This will be that last week that students will focus on North Carolina symbols. This week we will integrate social studies into our reading block.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Friday is Parent Teacher Conference day! I will be available for conferences from 8:00am-3:30pm. If you would like to sign up for a conference please use the google doc below. During this conference time I will go over your child's Reading mClass assessment, MAP tests, Interim report, and any questions that you might have.

Sign up here-

Open House

Claxton will be having our Fall Open Hour on Tuesday from 5:00-7:00. This year Fourth grade will be doing Open House together! We will be located in Mrs. Rigsby's room. We look forward to seeing you there!

Flexible Math Grouping starts this week!

Fourth grade will start flexible math groups this week! We will begin switching classes on Monday. Your child may have Mrs. Rigsby, Mrs. Locke, or me for their teacher for math class. This is very exciting because it allows every student in 4th grade to work on their level and to continue to grow at their own pace. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Homework Changes

Starting this week the fourth grade reading log will change. As we learn our students and assess their levels reading levels we have realized the need to change the reading log. Instead of having the tic-tac-toe reading log board your child will have a reading log that has reading responses questions on it. Half of the page has fiction responses half of the page has nonfiction responses. This page will stay in your child's binder and will not be taken out each week. Your child will be expected to finish 4 responses (total) on notebook paper each week. If they are reading fiction book they will need to choose fiction questions. If they are reading nonfiction then they will need to answer nonfiction questions.


Last week Mrs. Egget came into our classroom to teach us about internet safety. We learned and reviewed how to use the internet appropriately. Now that all of our students have had their internet safety lesson we are now able to check out the chromebooks as a class! This is very exciting because there is so much we can do when we have access to chromebooks!

Last week, we used the chromebook to checkout google classroom and to use kahoot for our place value review in math. Please ask your child about both google classroom and kahoot. All of the students were very excited to use kahoot (a game based site) to review what we have learned!

Click here for more information on internet safety-

International Peace Day

September 21st is International Peace Day. To celebrate, students all over the world will be making peace cranes to share with other students. Our class will be involved in this global project and will begin our peace cranes during our Roots and Wings block on Monday. Once all of the peace cranes have been created, we will share our them with a class in Greece by using skype video. The class in Greece will also be creating their own cranes and will share them with us!

Click here for more information:

How to Fold an Origami Peace Crane!
Join Us for the Peace Crane Project!