Racism in Africa

By: Cameron Peterson, Garrett Griffith

Definition of Racism

It is animosity towards other races. It's when other people think there own race is superior to another race. An example of this is how the white man thought the African race was below them and that they weren't considered actual humans.

Cause of Racism

One cause of racism in Africa is Apartheid, this is the law that seperated races in Africa. Another cause of racism is when the white man came over to South Africa and took over the black South African population.

Effects of Racism

An effect of racism would be when the white people came to South Africa and made the black people there slaves and made them do all of there work. Also, " Racism can psychologically affect Blacks by allowing society to deny their value as individuals, and by compelling them to internalize the racist conceptions of them held by their oppressors". Another effect of racism is that it destroys the Africans mindset that they are actual human beings and individuals.

Solutions of Racism

Some solutions of racism are "A new level of thinking about solutions of racism." "Once we realize this one fundamental principle that we own nothing, that God owns everything, racism would vanish in thin air." We think a solution to racism is to not keep thinking that the white race is over the African race and just realize that we are all equal.

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