Trinity Connect

Issue 5, 2019

Principals Corner

Last night our college came together to celebrate learning and celebrate our community. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our incredible staff at Trinity, their guidance, support and commitment to the learning of our children is a true blessing. Thank you also to our PTFA for their willingness to serve our community through the BBQ provided for all to enjoy.

We hope that you enjoyed the evening and the opportunity to see the great learning that is happening at TLC. Our college is a reflection of our community and the support of our parents and friends is paramount. Thank you for making the time in your busy schedules to join us.

Holy Week Chapel - please come and join us

Parent Teacher Interviews

Our Teachers value the opportunity to meet with parents and students to review progress, set future goals and support the overall development of our students. Parent Teacher Interviews are one way of us building the partnership between home and school so that we can all work together to support the learning of our students. If you haven't already done so please log on to Parent Lounge (link below) to book your appointments.

School Traffic - Let's all work together!

We understand that traffic can be busy around the College particularly at peak drop off and pick up times but we ask that our college community be mindful of the safety of students at all times. Please ensure the following:

  • We respect local residents and do not park across driveways or in their yards

  • We follow road rules including the allowed timing for turning in and out of driveways and side streets

  • Encourage students and parents to use the new walkway between the Sunset Hall park and the Office carpark to eliminate pedestrian traffic in areas of heavy vehicle traffic

  • Ensure we drive slowly in and around the school grounds at all times

Thank you for your willingness to support the safety of our students.

PARENT and tricks from the Office of eSafety

Winter Uniform

Students are not required to wear winter uniform until after Deutschfest (from Week 4). The first few weeks of Term 2 are traditionally still quite warm and as such the College does not make the transition to our Winter uniform until that time.

Why does learning look different from when we went to school?

There is more and more talk in society about the changing face of education. A quick google search will present multiple research papers, information about inquiry approaches to learning, reference to soft skills, flexible learning spaces and so the list goes on. But, what does that mean for our children? This short video clip is an exert from a speech made by Jack Ma, founder and CEO of Alibaba at the 2018 World Economic Forum that touches on some of these changes and why learning in schools is looking different from when we, as parents were young people at school.

Eloise Beveridge

Community Corner