Stay Safe Week 2

Staying Safe on your journeys between home and school

Your Journey

There are many different ways we all travel to school each morning. Most students will have some element of walking in their journey, even if only from their car door across the school drive or car park.

At this time of year the days are getting shorter and so parts of our journeys happen in twilight or darkness. Our focus this week is on ensuring we all arrive at home or at school safely.

Look out for each other

We spend a lot of time in school talking about looking after each other. Your tutor groups and houses are important parts of our community. On your journeys to and from school you can also help each other.

Warn people of hazards they may not have seen. Remind them to follow the basic rules.

If someone does have a problem, stop and help them. Know where you can go for help.

Let someone at school know if you have had a problem on your way in, or if you know someone else has. Be thoughtful about your own behaviour and how it can affect others.

Bicester Community College

Stay Safe Assemblies all week from 19th-23rd November 2012

Road Safety Week

Further Information

You can learn more about young people and road safety at: