2019 Summer Experience

Boswell Elementary - For incoming 4th & 5th graders

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2 Week Classes

Boswell Elementary Summer Experience Opportunities

These experiences are designed for students entering 4th through 5th grade.

Fun for Foodies & Creative Crafters June 3-14

Fun for Foodies & Creative Crafters! In this course students will experience a wide variety of creativity. Each day we will split our time between creating a yummy, kid friendly food creation and a crafty creation. The Fun for Foodies course will teach young cooks about nutrition and the importance of eating healthy foods. We will also share some of our favorite foods. Students will be asked to bring in a favorite family recipe to create a class cookbook! Put on your aprons, wash your hands, and get ready to join in the food fun! The second part of this course includes the Creative Crafters course. This course will teach students to recognize their creative talent! Students will create masterpieces to display in their home, as well as fashionable jewelry and other creative art . They have the opportunity to visit a local art studio and create their own canvas painting. Students will be with working watercolors, clay, yarn and other decorative items. Join us to find out what new and improved wild creations you will take home!
**Please be aware that there might be food products used that may contain food allergens such as nuts, eggs, milk, wheat and soy.

Whatever Weather June 17-28

Meteorology is a fascinating subject, because of its very nature, it is never constant or boring…... ESPECIALLY in the Ozarks! In this course, students will take an adventure into the clouds. From hurricanes to tornadoes and from heat waves to blizzards, students will learn to predict some of mother nature’s wildest weather. Not only will they be learning how to predict the weather, but students will also learn how to present the weather to a live tv audience. As a class, we will be visiting the Weather Team at KY3 and watch a live news show. Students will also be participating daily in exciting experiments and projects. Come join the fun in the sun or maybe the rain! Who knows what the weather may bring?

EXPLORER CAMP-TWO WEEK CLASS JUNE 3RD-14TH THIS CAMP WILL BE AT BENNETT SPRINGS. PARENTS MUST PROVIDE TRANSPORTATION. INCOMING 5TH GRADERS-This camp will take place at Bennett Spring State Park and will engage students in a wide range of outdoor activities and demonstrations! Each day will begin with fishing, taught by trained volunteers from the Missouri Department of Conservation. Afternoons will include a variety of activities: hiking, trail clean-up and recycling service projects, CrossFit, yoga, self-defense, reading, field journaling, archery, Dutch Oven cooking, camping survival, geocaching, first aid training, and even kayaking! Demonstrations will include the World Bird Sanctuary’s eagle presentation, snake awareness, Hug-A-Tree, animal pelt and print identification, multicultural activities (music and storytelling), and MORE! Every activity will be thoroughly supervised by teachers, park staff, park volunteers, and high school volunteers.

4 week Classes

Animal Planet

If you love learning about creatures from all over our world; this is the course for you. We will learn about fascinating creatures in the oceans, jungles, forests, and deserts. You will get the opportunity to use technology to research animals you may have never heard of and then share with others. You will also get to learn how to design and draw animals in their habitats. If you love adventure, we will be taking two field trips as well.

Book or Movie? What is Your Preference?

We will be reading books based on movies such as The Watson's Go to Birmingham, Wonder, and more to see which is better? Books or movies. We will have book discussions and activities to enhance our reading experiences. We will embark on field trips to the movie theater to enhance our movie experience.

Career Month

Students will be immersed into learning 21st century skills. They will apply these skills while learning about many different career fields. We will spend time learning, researching, doing activities, and going on field trips for careers in STEM, athletics, the medical field, agricultural, education, mechanics, culinary arts and more. We will try to visit as many local businesses in town, to learn more about career opportunities in our community. We will also spend at least an hour a day doing physical education.

Continental Buffet

Experience learning through your taste buds. This course will introduce you to cultures and concepts from around the world as we explore the culinary arts of the 7 continents. In four short weeks we will nourish our bodies and minds with diverse deliciousness.

Disney STEAM

Students will gain conservation values and learn about amazing animals, behaviors, habitats, and more through Disneynature. This part of the class includes a trip to Wild Animal Safari and three visits to Lebanon Claws and Paws Adoption Center to get hands-on experience with Disney's best known characters... DOGS! Students will also create their own animation while learning about what takes place behind-the-scenes at theme parks. Students will build roller coasters and go on virtual field trips to Walt Disney World in Florida as well as visit Lebanon Ritz 8 theater to get a behind-the-scenes look at cinema projection.

Nature in the Ozarks

This course is designed to explore concepts of hunting, fishing, and the outdoors here in the Missouri Ozarks. We will discuss things like identifying different wildlife tracks/species and plants/trees. We will discuss hunting and fishing techniques and strategies. We will discuss safety and how to make wise decisions in the outdoors.

Twinderella, the Musical

Did you know that Cinderella has a long lost twin brother named Bob living in the same kingdom with his own wicked stepfamily? The separated siblings have enlisted the services of the Fairy Godmother, the Godfather (he ain’t no fairy!) and two enchanted gerbils to help wile their way into the exclusive royal festivities of Wychwood-under-Ooze. Bob has his sights set on Prince Percy’s all-kingdom baseball game, while Cinderella eyes the birthday gala for Princess Petunia. When the two strangers disappear at midnight after Cinderella hits a game winning homerun, the search is on to find the feet that fit the glass slipper and the muddy cleat!