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Human Impacts on Ocean Ecosystem

5 Negatively impacts on our ocean ecosystems

Water pollution occurs when garbage or other pollutants enter into rivers, lakes, aquifers, groundwater and oceans.

Watersheds are negatively effected when pollutants are introduced causing water system to be comprised and yield dangerous levels of toxins and harm marine life and organisms.

Overfishing.org," reports that over three quarters of the our planet is covered by oceans."

It also states," that over fishing occurs when fish stock is exploited" due to the use of new practices and technologies. It is believed, and also reported by Overfishing," that the continental shelf is almost depleted of fish due to this practice."

The Deepwater Horizon Oilspill in 2006, is considered the worst environmental marine accident in history, according to BBC news.

BBC news report, "Research from underwater video of the leak site estimate as many as 70,000 barrels of oil are leaking into the Gulf per day."

Due to human error, thousands of marine life and their habitats were destroyed and the food chain was compromised.

This is called Ocean acidification Human advancements have impacted the oceans in a negative way. The industrial complex build up manufacturing companies and billions of petroleum running vehicles around the world; have played a major role in effecting the PH balance of the oceans. Petroleum running vehicles and manufacturing companies produce CO2.

Eutrophication is the process of which it removes the excess nutrients into the coastal areas such as streams and rivers used by intense fertilizers used by farmers that used the fertilizers on the land.Sciencelearn.org states " When this occurs the fertilizers will enter the ocean contaminating the excessive phytoplankton growth that results in ‘blooms’. When these large numbers of organisms die, the sharp increase in decomposition of the dead organisms by oxygen-usingbacteria depletes oxygen levels". In some cases, this can result in the death by oxygen starvation of large numbers of other organisms such as fish.

5 Positive impacts on our ecosystems

Pollution has a positive impact because when humans send down tires to the Ocean floor it helps build coral reefs for the fish to create new habitats that have been destroyed.

When Oil spills occur the companies have a chance to restate their policies and give back to the ecosystem that has been destroyed.

Over fishing has a positive effect and that positive is that when people are fishing they put back the female fish and if they are pregnant they put them back into the ocean.

When Ocean acidfication occurs it kills the fish were the fertilizes enter the water but, when we help by using more efficient fertilizer that is harmless to our Marine friends.

One positive thing of eutrophication is Scientist are going to make harmless fertilizers that wont harm Marine life.

By Mia Burch