ACT Strategy Flyer

Learn some super cool strategies here!!


Guessing is a super awesome strategy that you can use on the ACT. Just pick one letter answer to be your "guessing" answer, and use it on questions you are unsure of. You'll see that this strategy can be very effective!


Predicting is another totally wicked strategy! Don't know what to do? I'll tell ya! All you do to predict an answer is read the question WITHOUT looking at the provided answers. After that, you think in your head what the answer could be. Then, you pick which ever answer was the closest to your prediction! It's as easy as pie!

Quality over quanity

This is something you've probably heard before. But did you know its a rockin' strategy for the ACT? Bet not!! Quality over quantity here means you take your time on your answers, rather than trying to answer all of the questions. If you do this, chances our your score will be off the chain!

MATH Strategies

Memorize formulas

Read word problems over a few times before solving

ENGLISH Strategies

Read questions carefully

Refer back to the text if the question asks about a passage

SCIENCE Strategies

Read through charts before answering any questions

Practice recognizing passage types

READING Strategies

Skim readings


Chunking (Read chunks of the passage)