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March 2023

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Important Dates

Monday, March 6

Kindergarten Screening

No Kindergarten for current Kindergarten Students

Friday, March 17

Early Release, lunch served

No PM PreSchool

Dismissal 1:00 PM

Tuesday, March 21

Kindergarten Screening

No Kindergarten for current Kindergarten Students

Friday, March 31

Kindergarten Screening

No Kindergarten for current Kindergarten Students

Notes From the Principal

Rock Your Socks for World Down Syndrome Day!

March 21 is World Down Syndrome Day. We celebrate and raise awareness by wearing our brightest, loudest socks. Wear your colorful, mismatched, or unique socks in celebration of people with Down syndrome and the joy of diversity!

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The picture shows chromosomes. They look like socks, right? This is where the idea of Rock your Socks for World Down Syndrome Day was born from.

The one circled is chromosome 21 - note the three copies of the chromosome. This is Trisomy 21 also known as Down syndrome. You and I have just two copies of Chromosome 21. People with Down syndrome have 3 copies.

Why is WDSD held on March 21st? 21:3

Chromosome 21, 3 copies = 21st day of the 3rd month of the year

All are encouraged to wear fun, patterned, and even mismatched socks for our Marathon Community members and beyond. Since there is no kindergarten on March 21, kindergarteners rock your socks on your next school day, March 22! #WDSD23 #WorldDownSyndromeDay


Cubby, our Marathon mascot, made a special visit during Spirit Week. He brought joy to many!

Spring Ahead: March 12

We will soon change our clocks for daylight saving time and will lose an hour of sleep. Winter months can feel endless when it’s dark before many arrive home from their day. Added daylight can boost our sense of energy and days can quickly fill with increased activity. Regardless of whether it is light or dark outside, children require ample sleep. Being well-rested contributes to growing and learning. Click below for recommended sleep hours for children.

Do Your Children Get Enough Sleep?

Happy 100th Day!

Marathon Students recently celebrated the 100th day of school. This milestone in the school year was recognized in a variety of ways: completing 100 exercises, building with 100 items, sharing collections of 100, reading 100 words, writing 100 words, playing games that involve 100, 100th day hats, and more. Enjoy a peek at some of these activities!

Building Addition Update

  • Owner's Project Manager (OPM): Colliers Project Leaders
  • Architect: Drummey Rosane Anderson, Inc. (DRA)
  • Construction Company: Mill City

Current Status:

  • Existing facade removed and steel exposed
  • Underground plumbing completed
  • Steel assembly in progress

From the Health Office

Please join me in welcoming Nurse Nicole Bisazza to the Marathon nurse's office. She will be covering the nurse's office through Mid-April.

If you need to reach out to the nurse's office in that time frame regarding your student's medical needs, please use her contact information listed below.

All tardy and absence reporting needs to be done via phone call at 508-497-9876 or on the Google absence form.

We appreciate your help during this time!

Nicole Bisazza, Marathon Nurse

Marathon Nurse's Office: 508-497-9876


Marathon Health Services/Nursing Website: Marathon Nursing Website

Report Absence/Tardy Google Form Google Absence Form

Marathon Fax number: 508-435-4890