Date: 04-February -2016

Briefs of the month

  • NEW TEAM on to the BOARD
  • OLD ENERGY got re activated
  • all the TEAM together for ONE LAST TIME at ILC 2016
  • FINANCE and LEGAL report

Finance and Legal Report

  • People of GCS were busy in Training hence no Sign up have done till yet.
  • GCO got busy in their Trails to Handle interns who came down and still in procedure of connecting the clients back again.
  • CCP is still doing the appointments but no Fund got Raised.
  • Finance is still figuring out to handle the account and pay the liabilities.
  • RnR campaign for a department will be out by 06-February-2016
  • Vice president Finance will be attending the National Finance summit in Mumbai on dates of 12,13,14 of this month.
  • organizing committee president will be announced by the LCP by 05-February-2016

Member who are on Due list

  • Ritesh Pai 1300 rs/- (JPC)
  • Yash 700 rs/- (JPC)
  • Chaitanya 600rs/- (Alcong)
  • Vivek-700/-( Alcong)
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