By Audrey Pan

"The Owl and the Hare"

Once upon a time, there once was an old, wise owl that took a young hare into her arms. The old owl had taken care of her ever since she was little. Few years later, the hare grew up, but they still lived together.

One day, Hare was going out for a walk in the forest, all the animals were chattering. Hare could feel this tension in the air.

"All my fellow animals, we are in grave danger," announced Tortoise. "The humans are planning to destroy our beloved town."

Owl, who was the wisest, could always find a way out, suggested, "If we stay here, and wait until the humans lose their patience, will leave the forest unharmed, because they wouldn't dare try to harm us, animals.

Hare knew this was all wrong, humans are cruel animals, who slaughtered her family right in front of her eyes. Tortoise agreed with Owl's plan. Everybody felt assured, and went on with their business.

Night came, Owl and Hare went home.

Hare cried, "Please Owl, please think of something else! We can't simply wait until they leave. If we don't take action, others can get hurt!"

Owl just shook her head, "The decision has already been made. We're going to wait, and that's final," said Owl.

Hare exclaimed, "Owl you've changed! You've changed! You're completely different from when I first met you!"

Owl just ignored Hare and went to sleep. Hare started weep, she wept and wept until she fell asleep. The next morning, Hare was waken up to screams. Hare ran outside to see no trees, grass, and injured residences of the town. The humans have destroyed their beloved town. Hare stood there horrified, shocked of this terrible sight. She had experienced another scarring sight.


Patience will not always help.

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