By: Carley Maas

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Volcanoes can cause terrible disasters

Volcanoes can cause terrible disasters. Which include mudslides, rockfall and many more.When earthquakes move the plates of the earth there is a chance that a volcano is going to erupt, which cause the mudslides, rockfall and floods. There are 80 volcanoes we know about which are under water. Then the 1420 are on the earth's surface. The ring of fire is home to 452 volcanoes and is home to over 50% off the world's active and dormant volcanoes. the smoke of the volcano is called pyroclastic flow and contains of solid fragments and heat.When it starts to smoke it means it's going to blow. Pumice is a light weight rock that is sponge on the inside. It forms when explosive eruptions occur so it is very rare. If you stand too close to it you might get hit. Volcanoes are very dangerous and can cause a lot of terrible disasters.

What erupted in 2014

In 2014, erupting volcanoes included Mount Sinabung, Mount Kelud, and Sangeang Api in Indonesia, Bardarbunga in Iceland, Mount Ontake in Japan, Tungurahua in Ecuador, Pico do Fogo in Cape Verde, Mount Etna andStromboli in Italy, Pavlof in Alaska, andKilauea in Hawaii.Dec 15, 2014

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