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How can my punching tips help you? Firstly, you're not just going to gain the ability to punch someone with more force and less effort than an improper punch but your going to learn how to strike someone with other parts of your body which will improve your all round ability to defend yourself.

As a child I was bullied on a frequent basis. I was never one of the popular children and I was regularly beaten up. Even when I started martial arts classes I was still picked on. The whole purpose of my attending these classes was so I could defend myself as and when the bigger kids decided to attack me. I stuck with the classes in hope that one day my skills would improve to a level that even when someone bigger than me attacked, I would have the ability to fend them off with a variety of different techniques.

By the time I left school, the punching tips I hade learned from my martial arts training were enough to barely fend off an attacker, but I still didn't feel in control of these fights. Then I discovered some punching tips and striking tips that literally changed my life. I went from being barely able to defend myself against a larger attacker, to being able to destroy anyone who chose to pick a fight with me. I went from being "mr average" in the dojo, to being the top dog that nobody wanted to fight against.

I also went from being a frequent early casualty in the martial arts tournament, to being a regular and consistent winner. I had literally changed my life! These punching tips and striking tips that I learned gave me the ability to walk the streets at night with confidence. Gone were the days I had to worry about who was around the corner, or who was coming up behind me. I went from being the guy that most people could just about beat up, to being the guy that has never been beaten up...since I learned these very effective punching tips and striking tips.

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Not only was I able to defend myself, but my all round confidence grew as well. I became a much happier and a much more confident person. In turn this has improved my family life, improved my love life and improved my social life. But probably the greatest of all, these punching tips have also improved the life of the people around me. When I first discovered these incredible techniques I wanted to keep them to myself. Quite selfish I know. After years of living in the shadows I had the ability to stand out from the crowd, to fend off attackers and win martial arts tournaments. I wanted to keep it all to myself!

This was until a day came I decided I didn't want to be selfish anymore. My best friend was walking home from the pub alone one night when he was attacked and beaten up pretty badly. I felt guilty that I hadn't shared what I had learned with him. He wasn't a martial artist but you don't have to be to implement these techniques. It was at this point I decided I wanted to share what I knew with the people around me.

Today, I can say with confidence that if any of my close friends or family were to come under attack, they would be very capable of fending off their attacker(s). REGARDLESS of age or gender...these techniques can help you if you're male, if you're female, if you're a teenager, if you're retired or even if you are a trained martial artist like me.

With the world that we live in today, I don't just want my friends and family to be able to protect themself, I want YOU to be able to protect YOURSELF!!!! I want you to have confidence in your ability to defend yourself and I want you to share this with YOUR friends and family!

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