The Amazing Town of Gumbopolis!

Come on Down!

Our City

Gumbopolis is a city which is built off of ancient Greek traditions, cultures, and ideas. Ancient Greece was so fascinating and has such a huge impact on today's society. We just want our tourists to learn that and enjoy it as well. A big portion of today is derived from ancient Greece. Come down to Gumbopolis to learn about it in a fun and entertaining environment!

Popular Activity

Go on an outer space adventure without leaving the ground at the NASA Headquarters Building!
Many astronomical discoveries happened by the Greeks. Many Greeks such as Hipparchus, Aristarchus, Ptolemy, etc. were astronomers who contributed to the knowledge of space that we have today.
Ride thrilling shuttle launch and zero-gravity simulators, meet a real astronaut and learn about life among the stars today and during the time of ancient Greece, and enjoy real space food at our out-of-this-world cafe! Bring your whole family! Everyone deserves a chance to try and shoot for the stars!

Memory Lane

After all the excitement of going into space, take a stroll down "Memory Lane" and view beautiful architecture!
Greeks had many talented architects who created the most breath-taking buildings, such as the Parthenon! They also created three styles of columns (Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian) and all three are magnificent!
View admirable buildings at Independence Hall and learn about modern and ancient Greek architecture! Design your own structures using your new knowledge about architecture! Bring everyone you know because there is no age limit for knowledge and creativity!


After a day full of excitement and fun, why not take a load off and watch a good play?
Do you think you know what else Greeks influenced? Theater. There were many famous Greek playwrights like Aristophanes, Euripides, etc. who wrote comedies (that would mock the government, etc.) and tragedies. Plays would only be acted out by men who who wore masks that would help distinguish the characters. There would also be a choir to help narrate the story.
Watch some of the most popular comedies or tragedies of all time in a Broadway theater! You can also watch historical plays! You can even watch Greece! Bring your friends and family because they'll get "dramatic" if they don't see one of our stunning performances!

Come On Down to Gumbopolis, Where Fun is Only the Beginning!