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Oak Wood

Oak Wood: It has great strength and hardness. More than six hundred species of oak trees exist throughout the world. Each type of oak has its own type. Oak is a type of deciduous tree that sheds all its leaves during the fall. They belong to the beech tree family. It can reach heights as tall as seventy feet and widths just over nine feet,the branches span between eighty-five & one hundred thirty-five feet. They began by producing seeds called acorns. Grows in dry slopes,wetlands,and dry ridges. After oak trees reaches hundred years they began to produce twenty two thousand acorns yearly. Can live for two hundred years or more !

Pine Wood

Pine wood: Is found almost anywhere in the world mostly in the spread native trees in species of North America because it is the where swamps, foothills, and lowland. Pine trees typically prefer poor but well-drained often sandy soils because they can easily get use to the weather or that kind of temperature the tree wants. Pine trees have long needles that help them keep their water. They are called evergreen because they stay green all through the year. They grow up about eighty feet tall it is shaped like a pyramid it, is also the fastest growing tree in the world. It has soft, long, blue-green needles and big, brown, smooth cones that hold the seeds. Pine wood can be at any temperature because its needles protect it from the bad weather there usually are during the year. Pine wood have become the most widely trees in the world. These trees are also use for Christmas trees during Christmas season.

PIctures Of The Wood

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