Fourth Grade in Review April 2015

Gallup Hill School, Mrs. Curran's Class

Science unit: ELECTRICITY

Mrs. S. Aiken, from the Dominion Nuclear Power Plant, visited the fourth grade classrooms and conducted experiments on simple and parallel circuits. It was an exciting hands on unit for the students. They also constructed an electromagnet and enjoyed the take home magnets they received. Below is a photo of Mrs. Aiken and some budding electricians!

Other exciting happenings......

L.A., Math, and other tidbits................

Report cards went home and Parent Conferences were 100% attended with student participation. Awesome! The students have been completing their SBAC assessment and I commend their commitment to succeed. The students totally enjoyed our L.A. Mythology unit and are completing writing their narrative personal quest. They also did a great job in the decimal math unit and are working hard in the fraction unit! They are busy.....with eight weeks left I encourage them to stay focused, on task and keep working hard! Happy Spring!

Electricity unit....Hot! Science Day....Cool! Innovation Day..WOW!