EUSD Community Newsletter

Fall 2019 Edition

A Message from Our Superintendent

Dear Families,

It has been an exciting and smooth beginning to our school year. During visits to each school over the last few weeks, it is has been an honor to see the extraordinary efforts of our staff and community to create schools that are welcoming to all. Our district team has been focused on getting to know each child as an individual with unique talents, gifts, needs, strengths and their own story. We know this is key in providing the most personalized, meaningful educational program possible.

As we continue into the school year, I challenge you to stay involved and connected with your child’s school and teacher. Our focus on social and emotional learning is embedded in all we do. Our hope is that you will also embrace these efforts for your children at home, on the ball field and in the community. Please join us for a Parent Night about our TRAC (Teambuilding, Regulation, Awareness and Community) on Wednesday, September 25th or attend one of the school site information sessions.

Andrée Grey, Ed.D.


Absenteeism ~ Student Attendance is So Important!

Nationwide, as many as one out of seven students are chronically absent. When students are chronically absent they are missing on average two or more days a month, or 10 percent or more of school days over the academic year. Chronic absence is a leading, early warning indicator of academic trouble and later dropout.

Good attendance helps children do well in school and eventually in the workplace. Good attendance matters for school success, starting as early as prekindergarten and throughout elementary school, and helps students stay on the path to academic success. By middle and high school, poor attendance is a leading indicator of dropout. Absences represent lost opportunities to learn in the classroom. Reducing chronic absence is critical to ensuring that all students and their families can realize their hopes and dreams for academic success and opportunity. Links to information on student attendance. (Here, here, & here).

MYTH BUSTER: Student attendance does not impact school finances in EUSD.

EUSD Mathematic Updates

Good news! We are piloting a new math curriculum across all grade levels. This pilot is a result of teacher and community feedback around math instruction and support, and our math committee studying a variety of curricular options. Our students have taken the iReady Diagnostic assessment over the last three weeks and their teachers are diving into the data to learn what students can already do successfully and where they will need support this year. The Ready Classroom student books have been delivered to all schools and teachers are implementing the instructional routines and Ready Classroom resources.

For your information:

  • iReady Diagnostic - Required for all students 3 times a year, with the exception of Kindergarten, which will administer twice a year

  • iReady Digital - Personalized learning pathway available for individualized student learning, 45 minutes a week, not for homework

  • Ready Classroom - Resource for teacher-led classroom instruction

Link about iReady for EUSD Families

Here is a terrific link to information about iReady math program.

TRAC Parent Info Night

Please join us to learn about our TRAC program

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

6:00-7:30 at the District Office,

101 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd., Encinitas.

In the Board Room.

Click here to watch a brief video on T.R.A.C. at EUSD

Sony Engineers from Japan Visit EUSD Students

EUSD students and teachers were pleased to meet with Sony robotics engineers from the Tokyo corporate headquarters this week. They came to observe the cutting edge learning that is happening with our S.T.A.R. (Science, Technology and Advanced Research) Team students at Ocean Knoll, La Costa Heights, and Farm Lab. These students are among the first to use the KOOV robotics and coding curriculum. Students demonstrated how they used the technology to model solving real-world problems (Farm Lab) and how they advanced their academic language and writing skills (La Costa Heights).

Employment Opportunities for Parents

The Encinitas Union School District has a variety of employment opportunities for parents who want to work part-time and/or want to be on the same schedule as their children. Many of our current employees started as volunteers and then applied for paid positions in the district. Please visit the Administrative Services website to view the job descriptions and salary schedules. You can view current vacancies on and complete your application online. If you would like further information, please contact Jane McGuigan at jane.mcguigan@eusd.netor at

760-944-4300 ext. 1182.

Classified employment opportunities available include the following positions which range from 1.75 hours to 6 hours a day during the school year:

1. Noon Supervisor - Range 4.5 starting at $14.24 per hour

2. Safety Monitor – Range 5.5 starting at $15.00 per hour

3. Instructional Assistants Specialized Care (Special Education)-Range 8 starting at $17.04 per hour

4. ASPIRE (Before and After School Extended Day Program)-Range 6 starting at $15.40 per hour

There are also many opportunities available in a Classified Substitute role. To apply, please contact Lori Alguire at lori.alguire@eusd.netor at 760-944-4300 ext. 0.

Classified Substitute positions include:

1. Instructional Assistants Specialized Care

2. Noon Supervisor

3. Safety Monitor

4. ASPIRE (Before and After School Extended Day Program)

5. Office Manager

6. School Services Secretary

7. Site Custodian

Please share this information if you know someone that would be a great fit for our district!

Safe Routes to School

We welcome your input on how to improve student safety to and from school! Working with our city, we are hoping to compile needs and ideas related to help increase student walking and biking to school in the safest fashion possible. And when this is not possible, we hope to improve safe routes for cars and reduce the overall number of cars on streets around our schools. Please complete this survey so that we can gather the needs and desires of each school community! Results will be shared with city personnel and will be published for district families.

Next Generation Science Standards ~ Rockstar Teachers and Students!

Our EUSD NGSS story began 6 years ago when the state of California unveiled the Next Generation Science Standards. Since then, teachers have been writing their own stories of success, by diving into how children make sense of the world around them. The NGSS was created as a storyline. It provides a pathway, building disciplinary core ideas and crosscutting concepts, one chapter at a time, ignited by students' own questions. Our teachers are using units of study written by EUSD teachers for our students, incorporating the standards into engaging learning experiences.

“On any given day, a classroom visitor should be able to walk over to a group of students and ask them- What are you working on? Why are you working on this? Students should be able to answer by explaining a question they are trying to figure out or a problem they are trying to solve, and not just say because the teacher told us to do this.” 2019


Be sure to download our all-inclusive app that provides a one-stop-shop of all things you need to see and know at EUSD!!! From lunch menus to PowerSchool... and much, more! Go to your phones App Store and click "search" and type "Encinitas"

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ASPIRE Fall Camp registration is now open! This year, camp will be held at El Camino Creek Elementary. Field Trip options include Bate’s Nuts Farm and Sea World. Please remember, registration forms cannot be submitted to the school site. Parents can register online at, or mail or walk-in registration forms to the EUSD District Office. Registration closes on October 4, 2019. Secure your spot now! Spaces are limited!


ASPIRE was closed on August 30, 2019, to allow the entire team dedicated time for professional development opportunities. The many amazing presenters helped make the day engaging, informative, and fun! The day’s event’s included a multitude of topics from Personalized Learning to Calming Techniques for Upset Students to Simple Science Activities and everything in between! A huge round of applause to Andree Grey (EUSD Superintendent), Lauren Campbell (PDL District Enrichment Teacher), Robyn Litt (EUSD ToSA), Julie Burton (Coordinator of Farm Lab), and Glen Warren (Director of LOL) - their presentations were absolutely incredible and certainly helped the team continue to fill their toolboxes! Click HERE to see a quick photo montage of the day's events!

EUSD Farm Lab Updates

Educational Programming

DREAMS Campus:

  • Grade 5 students from LCH and OK have already attended for their three day ‘Water Wise’ learning experience. Water scarcity = reclaim = filter = design and engineer to re-use it. Clean water matters!

  • SONY executives from Japan came all the way to Farm Lab to see Jessie Conn’s grade 5 students utilizing their KOOV engineering products. Water-wise meets robotics? Yes, please!

  • Kindergarteners will be visiting before October break. They’ll discover and explore the cycle of seed to compost on their one day visit. It’s never too early to begin sustainability and waste diversion education!

  • Our Recyclables drive is on! Click here for our needs and details. Thanks!

  • In case you haven’t heard Farm Lab’s DREAMS Campus and Farm to School program received an Innovation Award from the Center for Ecoliteracy this summer! Our district’s forward-thinking efforts are being nationally recognized!

Farm to School

  • More organic lettuce, carrots and radishes for each school’s Green Garden Cafe salad bar have been planted on-site in the past few weeks.

  • We are diving into our USDA Farm to School grant project - in partnership with The Ecology Center and Healthy Day Partners. Click here for all the details!

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educational programming, property developments, and any upcoming events!


We want to encourage students to think about the importance of clean, breathable air and help spread the word about what the average person can do to help us all breathe a little easier. As such, with your students’ help, we will be creating a 2020 calendar where each month will showcase their air quality artwork. Click here for the fun details.

REMINDER: Helpful Parent Videos are Online!

Just a reminder that helpful " a SNAP!" videos are viewable all year long on the front page of the website. Topics such as "Logging in at Home", "Screen Time", "CAASPP", "iBoss", and much, much, more. All videos are created by students and are posted for parent's to access anytime.