Guide to Letter Writing

"Charity is no substitute for justice withheld" St Augustine

Useful Tips

  • Always be polite. Recipients don't respond positively to abusive letters
  • Write on the assumption that the government is open to reason and discussion
  • If possible, show understanding for the recipient's current situation and difficulties they may face
  • Preferably, give an indication of who you are as it makes the letter genuine
  • A simple letter is always adequate and better than no letter at all.

Sample Letter

Dear Minister,

I am a student and a member of the Benenson Society, an organisation concerned with the preservation of human rights for all. I am concerned about the plight of....,who I believe has been imprisoned for the non-violent exercise of her right of freedom of expression. Her/his imprisonment is a violation of the Universal Declaration of Human rights and I urge you to release them immediately.

Yours sincerely,