Chinese Cinderella

By Adeline Yen Mah


If the main character, Adeline Yen Mah, were to go on vacation, and she had to only bring 3 things she would bring a book, because on page 169 it says "I was alone with my beloved books. What bliss! To be left alone in peace with Cordelia, Regan, Gonoril and Lear him himslef__characters more real than my family back home or my schoolmates downstairs. The rhythm! The story! The magical words! What happiness! What comfort!" Therefore she likes books.
The second thing she might bring on a vacation is her aunt Baba, because she is always encouriging her to do stuff and she is the only person in her family that is not mad at her for killing her mom.
The third thing she might bring on a vacation is her little pet chick, PLT, because the bird was always keeping her company and could depend on Adeline to give her food.