Making Flipped video with Sphere

Sphere is free software, made by Aver (the same people who make doc cams)

It is available for home download at:

Step 1: Plan out your lesson so that it will only take approx 10 mins to explain

You may find it beneficial to only film a small concept, which is easy to view and practice at home for your students.

Step 2: Connect your doc cam via USB to your computer.

To get video into your computer you MUST use the USB connection.

Step 3: Startup Sphere (red S icon)

Step 4: Decide on a layout

You can have any combination of layouts, (eg. doc cam + web cam + still image, just doc cam and computer desktop, etc)
Choose a suitable layout using the "Split" button

Step 5: Tell Sphere where your save directory is

Click on the "Sphere" menu button on the top left hand corner of your screen.
Big image
Change your save directory to where you want the videos to be saved.
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Step 6: hit the record button when you are ready

You can use the layout or just minimize Sphere and it will still record the whole screen.

Remember that your videos are really all about content and not about flashy production. The less you edit the quicker you can produce videos and the less frustrated you will be.
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To stop recording press the small record button in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.
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Step 7: Upload to youtube

Videos can be made private or public via YouTube settings.
The following link contains instructions on how to setup a YouTube account.

You can also edit videos directly on YouTube.
Try it: