Perseverance- the Key to Success

Collin Sell


The saying, "if someone doesn't fail at least once in their life then they haven't lived", is true. Perseverance is not giving up even after multiple failures. The most important quality in life is perseverance because it is the key to success.

Winston Churchill and Perseverance (Problem and Solution)

Winston Churchill did a lot of great things in his lifetime, but there were many times where things weren't looking so good for him. Churchill was a man who had a passion for politics. He was forced out of politics many times though. People thought he was inadequate and idle. Instead of giving up, Churchill kept giving speeches and showed that he was a good politician to make people to believe in him again. Churchill used perseverance many times to become successful.
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Winston Churchill after giving a speech

Playing for the People (Sequence)

Jackie Robinson's story is well known throughout many nations, and its not just because he was a great baseball player. It was because what he did for the people. Robinson's career all started when Branch Rickey was looking for the first black man to be in the MLB. Clyde Sukeforth, Rickey's assistant, found Robinson and asked him to meet with Rickey. Jackie thought this was a scam, but agreed to do it anyway. Rickey and Robinson met up, and Rickey told him everything. Jackie decided to adhere to not fight back against all the insults that would be thrown at him and signed a contract. That little meeting would end up making the US take a huge step closer to abolishing racism.
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Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey signing Robinson's contracts

Ashes of Roses Cause and Effect Diagram

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Overcoming the Odds (Description)

Stephen J. Cannell is a famous writer and movie script writer. Becoming a writer wasn’t easy for him though. The major adversity that caused him to falter in life was dyslexia. His teachers considered him stupid because he couldn’t read. Stephen’s writing professor in college inspired him to write stories. Because of this Stephen decided to stay with writing, and eventually became a famous writer.
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Stephen J. Cannell sitting at his desk with his awards in the background

Compare and Contrast Diagram

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It is impossible to succeed without using perseverance. Perseverance is being resilient in the hardest of times. We can learn from the perseverance of others that not everything in life is going to come easy. Perseverance will help reach those things that don't come easy. Perseverance is the key to success.