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Counselor's Corner for the Week of January 19th - 23rd

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News for the Week of January 19th - 23rd

I sit through a lot of meetings with the Student Support Team, Attendance Team, parent-teacher conferences, and with parents that make appointments to discuss their children. I am always humbled to work with such an incredible team of educators that put children first and truly understand that our job is not just to educate the child, but also to support the families that we serve. I have watched as you all have navigated through some twists and turns with parents with professionalism and with kindness.

We don't know what happens at home. We can only do our best to support the children while they're at school and provide the foundation for education, safety, and character. Thank you for being there for the students and their families and thank you for supporting one another. I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for everyone that I work with. Thank you for always going out of your way to help each other and to show that Brittin Knights truly have amazing character!

Upcoming News & Events

If you have any of the yellow resilience training forms, please put them in my mailbox. The return date is Wednesday and I'm trying to keep up with how many parents will be present. Faculty/Staff have expressed interest in the training - you are welcome to come if you are free during that time. I'm trying to work something out with administration for a resilience training for the faculty/staff. It's a great training, so I'm hopeful that we can get it pushed through!

Award ceremony days/times:

anuary 20th at 2:15 for 1st and 2nd Grades

January 22nd at 1:00 for 3rd and 4th Grades

January 23rd at 2:15 for 5th and 6th Grades

I will get the Student of the Month folders to all of you to have them handed out during the Awards Ceremony.

NAEP is coming up next Thursday (January 29th) for 4th Grade!

The Cut-Off Day for SST Referrals is January 30th - please get those referrals in!

Classroom Schedule for the Week of January 19th - 23rd

Please let me know if anyone wants to switch to Tuesdays.

Monday, January 19th

No School

Tuesday, January 20th

Wednesday, January 21st

11:30 Mrs. Poole's Class

2:00 Mrs. Stewart's Class

2:30 Mrs. Heitzman's Class

Thursday, January 22nd

11:30 Mrs. Sanders' Class

Friday, January 23rd

SST Meetings