EHS Hybrid/Digital Academy FAQ's

February 9, 2021 updated February 11, 2021

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Questions and Answers: Return to Hybrid Learning and Digital Academy

Throughout this document we will refer to Cohort C as “Digital Academy” – the term for learners who remain in the schedule and are Zooming in to classes.

Q: Why are secondary students returning to Hybrid Learning?

A: All of the agencies dealing with COVID 19 are recommending that schools reopen for students. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) as well as the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) and our governor all believe we can safely return to in-person learning and teaching at this time. Infection rates are lower now than in the early fall and going down each week. Also, there is real concern for students who are struggling with isolation, anxiety and achievement in Distance Learning. We are very aware that a number of students and families are not functioning well in our current Distance Learning.

Q: What is the plan?

A: Starting Monday, February 22nd and Tuesday, February 23rd grades 9, 10 and 11 will return in-person, in Cohort A on Monday and Thursday; Cohort B on Tuesday and Friday each week. Digital Academy students will join the classes via Zoom. Last names A-K will attend via Zoom on Monday and Thursday. Last names, L-Z Digital Academy will attend via Zoom on Tuesday and Friday. On Wednesday each week we will allow any student to come into school from 9:30 am – 1:40 pm for in-person support with teachers. Busing will be provided and meals served.

Schedule here:

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Q: So I am in classes 2 full days, when do I do my school work?

A: Students all have three full days each week - Monday through Friday for doing assigned work. Teachers will be available from 1:45 - 2:45 PM each day (M,T,Th and F) for additional help via Zoom. Also - on Wednesdays any student is welcome to come into EHS between 9:30 AM and 1:40 PM for in-person support and help from all of our teachers.

Q: What is the option for students who do not plan to be in-person?

A: Students may remain in Digital Academy or may inform us of their desire to join Digital Academy. Use this form to move into Digital Academy starting Feb. 22nd.

Q: What about seniors - Class of 2021?

A: Although District 196 petitioned to bring all four grades back at one time, the MDE and MDH denied that request and upheld only three grades coming in on the Feb. 22nd date with seniors coming back two weeks later on March 8. So, beginning February 22nd our seniors will be Zooming into classes following the new schedule (see above) and attending on either Cohort A or B days as assigned.

Seniors needing support and help are welcome to come in on Wednesdays beginning February 24th from 9:30 am – 1:40 pm.

Q: What is the plan for students in the Digital Academy who want to join the Hybrid, in-person Cohorts A or B?

A: Watch for a Google form on February 22nd to submit with this request. We will then use that information to reschedule students for Spring Trimester which begins March 15th.

Until then students will remain in Digital Academy for their classes. It would be very difficult to move students into those Cohorts now as the classroom may be full under the restrictions for numbers and spacing according to the state and district safety protocols.

Q: What safety measures are in place for everyone at school?

A: Just like this fall we will all be wearing masks at all times, maintain a safe distance of 6 ft. apart in classrooms and the Commons for lunch, and wash hands/use hand sanitizer frequently.

All spaces will continue to be equipped with hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes and teachers will have spray bottle to clean surfaces in rooms between use. We will have approximately 700 students in the building each day M, T, Th and F. The building doors will open at 7:15 am and students will be expected to depart by 1:50 pm unless they are waiting for athletics or arts/activities/clubs to meet. If waiting in the building for practices to begin, students will report to an assigned space to do school work on iPads.

The custodians will be deep cleaning all spaces every evening and thoroughly sanitizing all furniture and spaces including restrooms. Throughout the school day our custodians will be sanitizing door handles, stair railings and other surfaces.

HEPA filters have been added to every classroom space and the HVAC ventilation system will be running at high speed fans to recycle all classroom air 5-7 times in an hour.

Q: How do Wednesdays work in this plan?

A: February 24th, March 3rd and March 10th are the three Wednesdays before the end of Winter Trimester. Students, including seniors and Digital Academy as well as all others are welcome to come into the high school starting at 9:30 AM and ending at 1:40 PM. Teachers will be available in classrooms for support and help with missing assignments or assessments. Bus transportation will be provided as will breakfast and lunch (no cost).

Wednesdays continue to be learning days in this plan. Students will be expected to do assigned work and use this day to catch up as necessary.

Q: What is happening February 16 and 17?

A: Since these two days are teacher preparation days for the change in teaching and learning, teachers will not be providing Zoom class time or support for students. There will not be assigned due dates for the 16th and 17th. Work previously assigned by teachers will be available and students should use these two days to catch up with any missing work or even work ahead on assignments that will be due later in the week.

Q: What is happening February 18 and 19?

A: These two days, Thursday and Friday will be a continuation of the Distance Learning schedule. Please join your classes as you have been doing each week with periods 1, 2, 3 and 4 on Thursday and periods 5, PAWS, 6 and 7 on Friday. Teachers will be helping students understand the changing schedule for the following week.

Q: What are the major changes in the new schedule?


· Class periods are 38 minutes long. Passing time is 4 minutes between classes. With the limited number of students in the building this will be sufficient.

· All 7 class periods take place each day (Monday and Thursday for Cohort A and last names A-K in Digital Academy; Tuesday and Friday for Cohort B and last names L-Z in Digital Academy).

· The PAWS group you have been assigned to will not be meeting during the school days in this schedule. Due to our need to have 4 lunch periods (students 6 ft. apart, no more than 2 students per table) for safety concerns the 5th period is extra long. So, we will have a “PAWS 2.0” a revised group formed of students in your period 5 class who will have some advisory time with a teacher. It is difficult to make this change – but it is temporary.

· School begins at 7:45 AM with period 1, and ends at 1:40 PM after period 7


· The building will open at 7:15 AM for student admission. Students will go to the Commons for breakfast when they arrive or directly to period 1 classroom.

Q: What remains the same as in the beginning of the school year?


· Lanyards with student id card and meal card must be worn in the building.

· Breakfast and lunch are provided free of charge to students: just scan your meal card.

· Lockers will not be used due to crowding in the locker spaces.

· Students will be asked to avoid gathering in hallways and restrooms.

· Students should arrive with a fully charged iPad and a backup battery pack or charging cord to charge if needed.

· Ear phones and a stylus for the iPad will be very helpful for students.

· All five weekdays are school days with students continuing to work on assignments, take assessments and come into classes on the two assigned days.

Q: What about Study Halls for Digital Academy?

A: Digital Academy students do not need to attend study halls in Zoom. Use this time to study and do school assigned work.

Q: Will seniors and juniors need to purchase a parking permit for Spring Tri if they want to park on campus?

A: Yes. Permits will be sold at the reduced rate of $32. The process begins next week for seniors and the following week for juniors. Sophomores are not eligible for a permit to park.

Be sure to return overdue books, materials and uniforms prior to picking up permits.

For the reminder of Winter Trimester, until March 15, no permits are needed.

Do you have additional questions? Please use the form linked below to submit your questions so that we can answer them.

Please use this form to submit your questions so that we can answer them.