David Seefeldt

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Memorial for David

As you may know, David Seefedlt passed away recently. He taught at Grant School for 35 years. I had the honor of student teaching with David here in 1995. Last night, David's family and friends celebrated his life. Steve Timm and Erin Ledermann shared great stories of the positive impact David had on them as co-workers. He was helpful and caring and had a way with the students who needed "a little extra hand" (Steve has a better term, but I will let him tell you).

One of David's students, Jim Gandre, from his 2nd year of teaching in 1971, also spoke. He mentioned that David had a huge impact on his life. He helped him to think differently and realize that school didn't have to be "all straight rows". David mentioned to Jim's Mom that he had a bright future, if he opened up a little and was less shy. Today, Jim is the President of Manhattan School of Music (and for those who attended the service to hear him sing, know he has opened up a little). How is that for a Growth Mindset?

Another reminder to us that we do not always the fruits of of our labor, but your work today will make a difference tomorrow. Have a great day!