Abraham Lincoln

By:Xang Xiong

How come Abraham Lincoln well-known

Abraham Lincoln was well-known for ending slavery and for being the 16th president.

How come Abraham Lincoln was Successful

1.Abraham Lincoln was successful,because he study many law books,and that's how he became president.

2.He was successful,because he was the lawyer of Illinois,and being a lawyer gives him

Lots of power.

3.Abraham was successful,because back then he was the president,and being a

president gives you power.

Important things to Abraham Lincoln

Thomas is important to Abraham,because he's Abraham dad.

Nancy is important to Abraham,becauses he's Abraham mom.
The Emancipation Proclamation was important to Abraham because it free 3,000,000


Mary is important to Abraham,becauses she's Abraham wife.

Interesting Facts of Abraham Lincoln

1.People calls Abraham Abe sometimes.

2.Abe was also called honest Abe,because he's always honest.

3.Many people stared at Abraham because he's 6 feet 4 inches too.

4.Abraham lost the first president election and won the second.

5.Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer then a president.

Life Lesson

I learned that everyone deserves to be free.

Abraham Lincoln

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