Shark project

Javon fontenot


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Shark Anatomy

1. First dorsal fin

2. Second dorcal fin

3. Caudal fin

4. Claspers (males only)

5. Pelvic fin

6. Pectoral fin

7. Gill slits

8. Lateral line

9. Mouth

10. Snout


Gallbladder- Bile from the liver is stored here

Heart- It pumps blood throughout the shark's body

Kidney- Produce urine

Liver- Stores all fatty reserves and energy.

Pancreas- It produces digestive enzymes to help break down fats

Small intestine-where food is broken down.

Large intestine-where chyme turned into waste

Stomach- Food goes here after being consumed. Digestion takes place here.

Esophagus- A large muscular tube that connects to the stomach

Rectum- Where waste is stored right before disposal

Claspers- Extensions of pelvic fin to aid mating

Lateral line- enables the shark to detect gentle currents and vibrations in the water

Gills- How the shark breath


kingdom -Animalia

phylum -Chordata

class -Chondrichthyes

order -Squaliformes

family -Squalidae

genus -Squalus

spices -Acanthias

Life span

About 18-24 months after a winter mating.


They live in the North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans. These shark have even been found in the Black sea and Mediteranean sea (The blue area)