Tierra Templada

The Pleasant Uplands


Farmers in the Tierra Templada choose their crops based on elevation. At lower levels, they grow bananas and oranges. At higher levels they grow corn, beans, and other vegetables. Their main crop, however, is coffee beans.


People who live in the Tierra Templada adapt their dress to the climate. During the heat of the day, people wear light clothing to keep cool. They then switch to warmer clothing for the cool mornings and evenings.
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People who live in the Tierra Templada have to adapt their housing to the climate. They live in solid home made of concrete brick or plaster to keep air moving through their homes. They also have covered roofs to keep the sun away while they are in the house.
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Gardening flowers is big in Tierra Templada. They grow long rows of carnations, daisies, and roses which they sell to other countries for Valentine's Day. They also have great land for growing coffee beans, where they supply other countries.